The story behind

The funkiest backpacker in Malawi.

The Funky Cichlid is located in Cape Maclear, Malawi. A small village next to the astounding Lake Malawi. Because of its warm staff, relaxed atmosphere and extraordinary location, ‘Funky’ is one of the most popular hostels in Malawi attracting explorers from all over the world. We stayed at Funky for 6 days.

The task

Already very active on social media, Funky asked us two things; 1. see if we could help them out to increase online interaction with people on Instagram and Facebook, and 2. how to show the total picture of the hostel and Cape Maclear to attract more potential customers. So that’s what we did.

What we did

Together with Jen, the owner, we agreed on what was needed to reach our goals. During our 5 day stay at Funky, we shot photographs, a drone video, took over social media and wrote a numerous amount of blog post on our good friend and blogger OnClaudi9. One component had to be included in each element; showing the local culture.

They call Malawi 'The Warm Heart of Africa', within 24 hours you will know why.


During our takeover, we received 2K likes on our Instagram photos, over 1K people reading our blog posts and dozens of people seeing the video on the website of Funky.