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Photo & Film | Product promotion

The story behind

Bringing the hat to the streets

In 2015 three friends teamed up to create a fashion brand that evolves with modern trends but with an “old habits” twist to it: Old Habits Die Young was born.

The task

Being an Amsterdam based brand with limited budget for international shoots, Lats x Longs teamed up with Old Habit Die Hard to capture international marketing material. The photos will be used for promotion on their and our social channels.

What we did

Together with Talisa, one of the owners, we agreed to hit the streets of NYC to discover which “Old Habits” characteristic New Yorkers couldn’t get rid of. Besides that, she gave us the go ahead to capture the hat in any way we saw fit to create additional marketing content in New York state.

And cheeky as we are, we took the hat on our trips to Canada and Central America. Just because we thought these spots could be beautiful scenery for a shoot.


By clearly defining the brands fibre, we transported their headwear into a completely different context, creating unique content that they will use for online and social media promotion throughout 2018.


We met Moses in Midtown Manhattan, who told us about his struggle for financial security and most importantly about his greatest passion: reading newspapers. Moses reads any newspaper he can get his hands on, because when he doesn’t, he feels like he is missing out on some great information.


On a walk through Central Park, we were drawn to something that tickled our ears. After following the sound through the Zoo we ran into Marvin, a friendly and energetic musician who made money busking on the streets of New York. He explained that his oldest habit was the listening to and playing but most importantly fully experiencing music each and every day.


We spotted Isa chilling in his big old schoolbus somewhere in Harlem. Although initially hesitant, he opened up to us about his Nigerian heritage, life in Harlem and his biggest weakness in life: donuts.